Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art When You Can

   So this certainly isn't the work of an artist up all night, for weeks on end. As my time becomes more limited between my day job, kids, and the Attack of the Clones (huh?....), I find little time for me. There's even less time for my art. Yet, I find the time where I can. In this case, I was waiting on a lunch order for an appointment with a doctor's office. One Sushi has been really good to me (Flash site, takes a bit to load). The owners open up early for me to get my food to the office in time and always throw in a bit more than I ordered.
   In this case, I was waiting for the food to come out, had my sketch pad, and whipped this little homage. I handed it to her as I signed the receipt. She quickly put a piece of tape on the piece and put it on the wall behind her. "I put it here.", she said with a HUGE smile on her face. Either they don't get much extra appreciation, or she liked it that much. Either way, I got to draw a bit more and show some love. Now your turn.