Thursday, April 27, 2006

Little House on the Hill

Just a doodle of our place. We're at the bottom of a little hill. It's finally a place we can call home. We moved four (that's 4, IV, quatro) times during 2004. Utah to Cali, Cali to Matt's place in Vegas, his place to a condo, and the condo to our current home. Phew! I'm done for awhile. I think this 'lil diddy does it justice as a comfy place to kick back and throw on Peter Pan, Iron Giant, Icredibles, The Secret of Nimh and the like.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I See Myself

It's always a wonder how people see themselves. I don't really wear my red hat all that much, but this is mostly how I see me. Red cap pulled down, bearded wonder with my arms folded and my pants a little too baggy. Will that be how my daughter sees me? Will she grow up and tell me that I got no style? Will she mock me for liking Green Day or Mudvayne? Hmmm......

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Belly Wars!

This is my nephew on our way to go snow skiing. Cool dude. He had a HUGE belly as a kid and after dinner we'd pull our shirts up over our bellies and shout, "BELLY WARS!!!" Then we'd run at each other full speed and try to knock the other down ( I was on my knees to play fair). He's a cuddle bug and has the frame to make a great football player one day. Rock on my good man,....and "Belly Wars!!!"

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I dig the Bellagio. Yeh can't beat that fountain show. I did a little doodle of the hotel and would love to get it finished into some sort of pretty little scene. I thought an artist was just someone who drew cool things for the longest time. Then I heard some of my favorites say a good artist is a good draftsman, architect, characaturist, biologist, etc. Kind of like the inventors of old. You know, the guys who invented, drew, gardened, were involved in politics and so on. I seem so one dimensional these days. Time to get moving, eh?