Friday, January 25, 2008

Golden Pipes

I was on my day off from missionary work in England back in 1995. We were walking into town, where the main street of shops were. I heard beautiful pipes being played and it was getting louder as we approached town center. It echoed off the buildings, filtered through the ally ways and had such tone that I thought they must have been golden pipes. It ended up being a busker (musician playing for change) in jeans and a t-shirt. I tossed in some change and he gave me a smile as he continued to play. I listened for the next few minutes as we went about our business and have never forgot those pipes of gold. Thus went the Skirl (sounds from the pipes).

Friday, January 04, 2008

Benign Feline

I'd imaging this guy is about as effective as most cat's. I had a cat growing up. At the time of naming, we knew no gender. So she became Bradshaw (Justin was a Steelers fan at the time). She was about as cool and uninterested in humans as this guy seems to be. This was a sketch taken into Illustrator. His stripes were painstakingly randomized, as is most of my artwork. Meow...