Friday, September 08, 2006

Crocodile Tears

This is they way I felt when I learned of Steve Irwin's death. We loved that guy. We're going to miss him so much.

Mad Jason Magazine

Outsider art project "I love the 80's". I loved reading the issues that Justin (older bro) would buy. The various artistic styles mixed with the humor made it SUCH a fun mag to read. In fact, I would look them over and over again. Good times!!!

Walt Diz Kid

Outsider art project "Famous people before they were famous." I admire Walt for all he was and is. We're frequenters of Disneyland. This was a poke at him getting his ideas from an odd place. It worked out a bit better in my head, but translated decently. Dave pointed out that he has no actual reflection in the window. Disney-dracula!