Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bitey Lives!

A favorite artist/animator of mine is Adam Phillips. He's got some seriously cool artwork, stories and such. I was in a "fairy-type" shop when I happened upon this statue. Bitey's cousin? Maybe not, but it certainly shows that I see Bitey everywhere.

Check him out at Bitey Castle

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fightin' Grizzly (pup)

Here's my OAC submission for this week. Topic was mascots. This was my immediate mental picture. Entry went like this:

So, our mascot in high school was the grizzly bear. As a freshman, I thought it evoked a sense of fear in our rivals. By the time I was a senior, this is how I pictured him. Lazy and clueless. I think he was tagged, tracked, broke into a rich San Ramon soccer mom's car who became irrate that her leather seats were damage so she had it shot and rolled off a cliff somewhere in the redwoods. Yup, that's about what my four years there felt like.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Viva Las Freezing Vegas!

Sup yo! How's things? So far, 2007's been a blast with me, my wife, my daughter and I think my dog all getting sick the first week of Jan. Picture all of us (well, not the dog) in our jammies this past Sat., Sun., and most of Mon. Watching cartoons, piles of tissues in the corner. I think we hit all the infomercials, twice (I'm not sure about the Body by Jake, but the Charlton Heston Video Bible Collection looks like a winner!) Things are starting to look up, now that we're all getting better. It's been freezing here in Vegas. Well more cold than it's been in awhile for THIS location (thanks you northern folks!). This is how we've been feeling as of late. Welcome to Vegas! Leave your shorts at home.