Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The First Entry

Greetings and Salutations!
This is the first entry of Jason Swann. I'm a graphic artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. I stumbled onto Blogger one day and have been impressed with the caliber of artists and people that reside here. There are so many styles and so many approaches. Not to mention the people who comment on others' posts. Everyone is so helpful. From shooting the breeze to constructive criticism, this has certainly been a place of interest for the past several weeks. I decided to give it a shot and start a blog. Heaven knows I may just be writing bits of dribble that only I, myself, will be reading in the times to come. But we'll see. I want to throw out a general "thanks" to all those who chose to belong to Blogger, since you all have been a huge influence on me. In terms of style and motivation, the group of artists I've had the honor of checking out have really kept that "coffee house drawing club" feeling going. Here's to many posts to come!


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