Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy B-Day Blog!!!

So here it is. The end of year one for this blog. It began with the birth of my daughter and seems to have retained its momentum. There was a short time of many visitors, but nowadays if you put your ear to the blog you can hear the ocean. But it seems that there are so many to visit, commenting on each is near impossible (even though I'm trying to "do unto others". So happy birthday blog, make a wish (more interaction with other artists, I know!) and blow out your candles. Maybe you'll get some legs and go somewhere in the next year.


GhettoFab said...

Heya Jason! Im sure that this year will bring you what you want.

Wishing you and yours the best in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day dude!

Rachel said...

Hey Jason, Happy Belated Blog Birthday!! Its been awhile since I blogged. I just wanna say thanks for the advice. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! By the way I absolutely love your Reservoir Dogs Spoof!! Great Work!!

Baron said...

Hey Jason, would you like to join Art Massacre? It's a cool team blog I made.