Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Shoes Bobby

Every great baseball player has a nickname right? I never played baseball, but never had a nickname either. For football it was "Swann", for volleyball and soccer it was "Jason" or just "J". Better than "that guy" right? How would it have been to run for a 90+ yard touchdown to have the announcer yell "AND THAT GUY SCORES AGAIN!!!" When I was in England the kids called me Sonic (becuase my hair was spikey like Sonic the Hedgehog). That's about it. These days people tend to call me "stinky", but we'll stay away from that one.

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brittany said...

hey! sure, I remember you. I'm loving your work here. I'll have to come back and visit when I have some more time. (doing homework with my 3rd grader--I hated math homework the first time around, and here I sit...)

Anyway,I'm glad you found me. I just barely found the Larsons. Hope all is well.