Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Did up a doodle and thought the body language looked a lot like my (near) 2 year old when she's on one. She's got Swannitude! I was going to throw gold chains on the bird and a backwards hat, etc., but no one in the family dresses like that. So 'ere it is.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

You Are Here

(Clarification: My wife helps keep me grounded. She also helps me with my "blurting our stuff that makes no sense. For this entry, I had visited a blog a few days back that had 1 entry. There was a single image with a red dot that said "You are here." That was it, nothing else. I laughed and thought, wouldn't it be funny if there was a town called "Here?")

Wouldn't it make your head explode if you went to a mall, looked at the map, saw a dot that said "You Are Here", looked up and there it was? Maybe it's a store with scenic posters or European architecture screen savers on CD. Or if you were at a them park and there next to the map billboard was the largest roller coaster on the west coast "YOU ARE HERE!!!" (not for the faint hearted, women who are pregnant or those who don't want to ride the "Here" ride, here, now, in this very spot, that you're on, this very second.) Ugh,...my head hurts.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Six Gun Brigham

Alright. So I was thumbing through old sketches to turn into something final and came across a bearded dude. I progressed and it ended up looking a bit like B. Young. It was a toss up between "Matrix" Brigham, but that was a bit lame. I picture him being a peacemaker, but in this case he'd be a peacemaker WITH HIS PEACEMAKER, you dig? He's probably got a ninja sword in that cane anyway. I'm seeing the comic book now. "Six Gun Ninja Young." Hmmm....I'll have to work that one out.