Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph - Review

"Just because you are bad guy,...doesn't mean you're 'bad guy'".     - Wreck-It Ralph, 2012
   So me and my crew saw Wreck-It Ralph. We were not disappointed. My art manager from years ago had emailed me an article about Disney doing an 8-Bit animated feature. Mmmm, close. The hype built as the kids requested the trailer every other night. My little guy ran around the house yelling, "I'm gonna wreck it!", before pounding his fists on anything,....and anyone.
   Now, I'm pretty easily entertained. Yet, there are a LOT of animated movies out there now and so very many of them are garbage. Wreck-It Ralph had me glued. More importantly, it had my two kids glued. If I'm paying through the nose, for a MATINEE, then I'd better get my money's worth. If my little guy can sit through most of a film, then it has my stamp of approval regardless of content. Having said that, I was laughing throughout the film.
   The visuals were eye-candy in every sense of the phrase. I loved the different game genre that they hit. More than just scene changes, they found the essence of the 8-Bit game all the way over to first person shooter modern graphics. The storyline was pleasing too. I love that there was a male figure trying to figure some stuff out, and a strong female character or two for my daughter to be invested in. At one point at the end, during a triumphant moment, my little guy sitting on my lap threw both fists in the air. He was feeling the vibe and I was too.
   I don't remember theatre's being THAT loud, but, was LOUD. We got in the car and I felt like I'd just been to a heavy metal concert. I doubt that was the film's fault. The soundtrack had my shoulders twitching, and my little guy stood up from his seat more than once to dance to the music. I can recommend this flick to everyone. Children, grown up children, grown-ups WITH children, etc. It was a fun ride and we'll be owning it at home one day for sure. Enjoy!

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The UnMighty said...

My boys also loved it and now have yet another excuse to punch things.