Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Las Vegas Living

We don't have a pool, so we bought a $10 wading pool from Wal-Mart for Olivia this past Saturday. For the record, one of those wading pools comfortably fit two adults, a toddler and a 100 lb. dog. Not that it's recommended, but just in case one needed to. Three of our four neighbors have pools, so at one point Mandy says "I wonder what our neighbors are thinking about us..." I laughed out loud. As I sat in 4 inches of hose water, I pictured our neighbors casually looking out the window to see us in our blue wading pool, all together, splashing away. We started to joke about getting a mini tiki hut to serve drinks and other items that would make the scene even more rediculous. Someone once said "to live in Las Vegas, you HAVE to have a pool." Done.

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