Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I've been messing with letters these days. A co-worker handed me "Style Wars" and "Piece By Piece", which are documentaries on graffiti over the years. Purty cool. So I've been tinkering with some of that kind of lettering for fun. It takes some time to adobt any style, so I just mimic until I get used to it and then try to find my own style and flavor. Oh, and if you see someone that looks like me running from the fuzz in the rail yards, ......I was home the whole time watching Lost.

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Edward said...

Cool! I always wanted to get into that stuff, but I guess where I grew up there wasn't too much a scene for that. Anyways, don't get caught and like I say I don't mind graffiti art as long its not in my neighborhood or as long as it doesn't look like crap.