Monday, November 08, 2010

Creativity Anytime

So. I was grabbing a frozen yogurt at the local Yog-in and the gal behind the counter had been doodling to pass the time. I got a shot of it and decided it would go well with my thought for the day. Whether you're on the phone, killing some time at work, needing some warm up exercises for an art gig, or whatever, we can all use a little creativity anytime. A lot of times it comes from sketching. The guys at First Second Books have some good insight in warm ups. I like the the line that says "sketching is like play". That's exactly it!

I also like art collaboration, competition and a collection of artists that feed off each other for ideas, showcasing and the like. One of my favorites has always been the endless amount of talent at Avalanche Software, where they work on Disney games. The blog is dedicated to all the previously mentioned stuff, and has always inspired me to keep drawing.

Point is, whether you're an artist by trade, by night, or by yourself.....keep on doing it. The world needs more creativity. We all start off in school cutting, pasting and drawing. It gets weeded out, beaten out, and schooled out of us too soon. So next time you're on the phone, or sitting on the train/bus/boat or any other version of mobile sketching,.... doodle something. Anything. Heck, email it to me and I'll post it. HAPPY to!!! 'Till then.....

(original sketch by A. Matilla. Thanks for the pic!)
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