Sunday, November 07, 2010


So we rented and watched Toy Story 3 the other night and I'm compelled to mention that the whole later third for the movie had me in an emotional state for the remainder of the evening and had me thinking into the next day. There's a part where the Toy Story crew is in peril and the end looks near. I watched as Buzz's face had a look of acceptance, and he prepared to meet his end. He then convinced the others, through facial expressions alone, that this was okay. For whatever reason, it moved me beyond words.

It reminded me of Frank and Ollie commenting on the animation done on Snow White, after the apple is bitten and she appears to be dead. At the viewing, the dwarves are in mourning and some are crying. Frank and Ollie commented that this was a first for animation. Evoking emotion through hand drawn animation. This was the same with the scene in Toy Story 3. The whole remainder of the movie kept me in that state and there was a sense of true closure in a wonderful trilogy. Kudos to the story writers, animators and composer of the score. All three made it one of the most memorable scenes I've experienced.

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