Saturday, November 20, 2010

Modern Art In A Few Words

   I stumbled across a piece by Craig Damrauerwhich can also been seen at 20x200. It summarizes what I've been feeling within myself as of late about art, my art and the art of others. When my wife and I used to go out window shopping, I was always armed with my art degree and the need to say, "I could do that." Add that with "Yeah, but you didn't.", and you get me and my modern art. Children, job, occasional apathy, all plays a part. It's not excuse, no matter how you stack it. 
   Life finds a way, and keeps going no matter what your day is like. Just this past year, I was laid off, losing a house, getting a new job, putting my dog of 11.5 years down, moving to a new city, and a host of other things. I realized in the middle of it all that life was moving on despite me. I applied that thinking to my art and it all made sense. Art is made with our without you. I've done a few pieces here and there since. My daughter has a lot to play in the influence of continual creation. 
   Point is, don't scoff or demean unless you really plan on doing something about it. I intend to gain momentum with each day and I thank Craig's and this piece for reminding me of that. 

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